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Engineering Design Services


We have manpower resouces with strong capabilities in :

• Computational Fluid Dynamicsrsz_elion_hs_white_background

• Mechanical Analysis

• Mechanical Design

• Hydraulics Engineering

• Electrical & PLC Control / SCADA

• Electronics PCB (Pressure Tolerant Electronics)

• Electronics Firmware Programming

• High Level Control & User Interface Software

Therefore you can count on us should you require any engineering assistance. Ocean-5 can take on the design project on a turn-key basis or providing particular specific service for a specific part of the project (for example, providing FEA Report) or simply on a manpower provision basis.

Example: Design of Trenching System

In a recent project, our team successfully designed  jetting sword for subsea trencher. We designed the 3D model, performed CFD analysis and prepared manufacturing drawings for the sword.




Configuration Twin swords with forward & rear eductor nozzles
Trench Depth 0 to 2 meter (may need more than one pass)
Trench Width Suitable for up to 200mm product size
Main Jet One Unit electrically driven water pump
Water Flow Up to 500m3/hr @ 14bar
Eductor One Unit hydraulically driven water pump 
Water Flow  Up to 700m3/hr @ 2.5 bar



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