Welcome to Ocean 5 Technologies

Ocean 5 Technologies is a fast-growing Company specialised in design, engineering & manufacturing of technology solutions with underwater applications in the area of offshore, oil & gas, renewable energy & subsea mining. With our headquarters based in Singapore, we have extensive network around the regions, providing quality solutions to our clients in China , Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand etc. At Ocean 5, we have technical team & expertise that have extensive industrial knowledge & track record of the design/ manufacturing of world leading Work Class ROV system for over 25 years. Tell us your needs, we will give you a solution and deliver what we promised.

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Our Business

We are focused in designing, engineering and manufacturing of products related to the applications of the underwater equipment such as Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) in the Marine, Oil & Gas and Renewable energy industries. Being a relatively young company, we are grateful to be able to have strong support from our network of local and overseas supplier. 


Please see the Product page for list of current Ocean 5 products. However, our product range is not limited to it. Ocean 5 is constantly working on enquiries from our partners. We are happy to apply our technical capabilities to innovate, engineer and build products even if they are not within our current product catalogue.                                                                                                     


Heavily invested in 3D modeling/simulation tooling software, we are equipped with a full spectrum of engineering capabilities such as, Designing and Manufacturing high level control & interface software, electronics firmware, Electronics PCB, Electrical Control, Hydraulics, Mechanical Design, Mechanical Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics.