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Suction Pile and Rovdrill 3 Deployment Drilling Ops Recovery

Oil and gas exploration, telecommunications, applications for deepwater geotechnical investigations and mineral exploration, all of these demand robust and proven technology. That’s why today’s industry leaders depend on Rovdrill for their most challenging environments. Our highly specialized drilling and assessment systems enable:

  • Successful deepwater drilling and exploration
  • In situ testing and coring tasks on the seabed
  • Easy integration with most work-class ROV systems

Forum introduces the Rovdrill® series designed for a wide variety of coring and seabed conditions.

Suction Pile and Rovdrill 3 Deployment Drilling Ops Recovery

The advantages of taking the coring/sampling rig to the seabed are indisputable, both from a technical and economic standpoint. The rig itself can be very compact, easy to deploy, operate and recover without the need of specialized and expensive surface vessels or platforms, and is, of course, free from the influences of sea state conditions and vessel/platform motions during sampling operations.

Another major advantage of taking the rig to the seabed is the minimization of deck operations. This dramatically reduces the inherent risks associated with these types of activities.

In summary, the Rovdrill system offers the end user timely and economic seafloor sampling and data acquisition system with the following advantages:

  • A variety of vessel and platform types can be used without the need for specialized vessels or limited availability and higher day rates.
  • Further utilization of existing work-class ROV (WROV) spreads.
  • Multitask geotechnical and geophysical missions can be executed using the same vessel and ROV spread.
  • Superior sample quality through a stable seabed foundation – not influenced by the motions of the surface vessel or platform.

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