SK04 QUANTUM ROV Pileline Inspection Skid



Overall height (exclude
ROV docking interface)
600 mm
Overall width 1700 mm
Overall width (with AZM
extension pipe)
1777 mm
Overall length 2374 mm
Overall length (with DPM) 3114 mm
Weight in Air (with AZM
and DPM)
≈ 890kg
Weight in Water (with AZM
and DPM)
≈ 0kg
Attachment method Schilling HD ROV Centre Load Frame
Hydraulic fluid type Hydraulic Mineral Oil ISO32
Hydraulic fluid
cleanliness requirement
ISO 4406 Class 20/18/14
Depth Rating 3000m
Operating Temperature -4 to 50°C
Materials Skid base – Stainless Steel
Skid frame – Aluminium, Polypropylene, Acetal
Buoyancy – Syntactic foam
Fastener – Stainless Steel
Hydraulic – Stainless Steel, Aluminium
Hydraulic Supply 0-210 bar, 0-160LPM
Hydraulic Connection Pressure – 3/4” JIC (Factory fitted 3m hose with 1” JIC)
Return – 1” JIC (Factory fitted 3m hose with 1 1/4” JIC)
Electric Power
110Vac, 2 Amps
Electrical Connection 12 Way (Male) Circle Subconn
(Factory fitted 4m whip with 8 Way 20 Shell Burton)

TTCS Specifications

1 x Combined Proportional Pressure & Flow (0-240 Bar, 0-32 lpm) Function Connection
(Typically for Torque Tool Control) 
 3/8” Tube OD Compression Fittings
4 x Bi-directional Solenoid Valves (5-210 Bar, 5-15lpm) Function Connection 1/4” Tube OD Compression Fittings