SK02 SCHILLING HD ROV Fluid Injection Skid



TTCS Specifications

CI Injection Specifications

Overall height (exclude
ROV docking interface)
600 mm 1 x Combined Proportional Pressure & Flow (0-240 Bar, 0-32 lpm) Function Connection

(Typically for Torque Tool Control)

3/8” Tube OD Compression Fittings Reservoir volume ≈ 60L
Overall width 1874 mm Max Injection Pressure 100 PSI
Overall length 3042 mm Max Injection Flow 15 LPM
Weight in Air
(Reservoir full)
≈ 1070kg 4 x Bi-directional Solenoid Valves (5-210 Bar, 5-15lpm) Function Connection 1/4” Tube OD Compression Fittings Fluid filling ½” Hose Barb
Weight in Air
(Reservoir empty)
≈ 810kg Fluid bleed ½” Ball Valve
Weight in Water
(Reservoir full)
≈ -60kg (with full buoyancy set)

MEG Injection Specifications:

Fluid outlet connection ½” JIC
Attachment method Schilling UHD ROV Centre Load Frame Reservoir volume ≈ 220L
Hydraulic fluid type Hydraulic Mineral Oil ISO32 Max Injection Pressure 15,000 PSI
Hydraulic fluid
cleanliness requirement
ISO 4406 Class 20/18/14 Max Injection Flow 15 LPM
Depth Rating 3000m Fluid filling ½” Hose Barb
Operating Temperature -4 to 50°C Fluid bleed ½” Ball Valve
Materials Skid base – Stainless Steel
Skid frame – Aluminium, Polypropylene, Acetal
Buoyancy – Syntactic foam
Fastener – Stainless Steel
Hydraulic – Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Cast Iron, Bronze
Bladder – PVC
Fluid outlet connection 9/16” HP 40Kpsi
Cone & Thread
Hydraulic Supply 0-210 bar, 0-160LPM
Hydraulic Connection Pressure – 3/4” JIC (Factory fitted 2m hose with 1” JIC)
Return – 1” JIC (Factory fitted 2m hose with 1 1/4” JIC)
Electric Power
110Vac, 2 Amps
Electrical Connection 12 Way (Male) Circle Subconn
(Factory fitted 4m whip with 8 Way 20 Shell Burton)