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Flying Lead Orientation Tool (FLOT)

Flying Lead Orientation Tool (FLOT)

Ocean-5® Flying Lead Orientation Tool is designed for Class 1-4 Torque Tool when use at orientation and guiding flying lead attachment on stab plate. It is robust and compact with mounting arrangement for installation on a metallic framework forward to the ROV. A hydraulics rotary actuator and a double acting cylinder control the pitching and rotation movement respectively.
  • 150° rotation angel
  • +/-15° roll angle
  • 630kg payload
  • Counterbalance Valve on both actuator

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Payload 630 kg  
Weight In Air 76Kg  
Weight In Water 59Kg  
Max Tilt Up Angle 60° Up from Horizontal  
Max Tilt Down Angle 90° Down from Horizontal  
Tilt Rotation +/-15° from vertical  
Hydraulics Pressure 207 bar  
Hydraulics Control by 2 x Solenoid Valve  
Tilt Actuator Hydraulics Rotator c/w counter balance valve  
Rotation Actuator SS316 Hydraulics Cylinder c/w counter balance valve JIC (SS316)  
Hydraulics Connections