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SK04 QUANTUM ROV Pileline Inspection Skid

SK04 QUANTUM ROV Pileline Inspection Skid

The SK04 Pipleline Inspection Skid (PIS) is designed as an underslung tooling skid attached underneath a Quantum ROV to perform pipeline inspection. PIS is equipped with cable tracker deployment frame, CP probe deployment frame, camera boom arm and rollers to allow ROV to travel on top of subsea pipeline. The rollers shall be adjustable to suite different

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Overall Height 492mm
Overall Width 2000mm
Overall Length 3509mm
Weight in Air 550kg
Weight in Water  Neutral 
Depth Rating 3000m
Operation Temperature -20 to 50 Degrees Celsius


Range of Pipelines Sizes 4 x Pipeline Running Wheels adjustable for pipeline sizes 6 – 32 inches
Camera Boom Arm 2 x Camera Boom Arm (Various models can be installed)
Odometer Dual Reed Switch Odometer
TSS Deployment Hydraulic Cylinder, Retractable up/down deployment mechanism. Capable for TSS 440 / TSS 350
CP Stab Hydraulics Cylinder Retractable CP deployment frame
Skid to ROV Attachment method 4 point center core lug, through frame lifting to ROV host
Hydraulic fluid type Mineral Oil
Hydraulic fluid cleanliness requirement ISO 4406 Class 20/18/14
Materials Skid base – Aluminium
  Buoyancy – Low Density Pure Foam
  Fastener – Stainless Steel SS316
  Hydraulics Connections – Stainless Steel SS316
Valve Pack 1 x Ocean-5 Inteligent subsea valve pack 10 stations
Hydraulic Connection JIC connection to HPU by default or configurable to other connection types
Electrical Connection Subconn 6 pin which connects to subsea valve pack
Electrical Power Supply 24 VDA 2 Amps Max
Other Features DV can be moved from vehicle onto skid if required
  Brackets on the skid for TSS electrical pod and communications pod provided